In the name of All-Mighty Allah, I want to share a little theme & thoughts to Our social user partner of Our product & services. I think currently, globalization and information technology is going to changing & coming modern technology. And the World is turning in to the modern & superior development of economic enlarging.

Moreover, globalization and its all-pervasive impact on states and their economies have made life more competitive, complex and technology driven. With economy as the main focus of national development, proximity & becoming the key tool for economic sustainability.  Moreover, the recent economic changes and its impacts have been pitched yet another challenge and exposed the other side of globalization.

I know, with the ensured standard, quality services and most effective managerial efficiency have made the company a market leader in the respective sectors of its operation & activities. Our Keeping main focus on business expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, the group is continuously taking up projects to make it the largest. Day by day, We are creating possibility to employ manpower implementation.

However, Our Company¬† growth and business expansion, the company’s aims and objectives remain the same – to serve people with maximum satisfaction and keep up the strive for the greater welfare of the people and the country for long time. Presently & continuously Our each company of the South Bengal Group cares & carries for their clients as their obligation and highest customer satisfaction.

As a Chairman of the “South Bengal Group”, I hope & think that the cordial relations with all the valued clients will remain, suggest & co-operate as partners of prosperity and we also look forward to developing more successful relations with potential clients in the future. It will certainly help us growing & developing our mission of success.

We are successful entrepreneur and visionary leader in Bangladesh as the founder of the “South Bengal Group”- the leading industrial and business conglomerate in my country. We have been among the pioneers to recognize the potential of the real estate industry & Garments Industry of its ability to contribute to Bangladesh’s economy and generate direct and indirect employment. We works tirelessly to put the economical status of Bangladesh to a higher extent on global map. The core theme of the “South Bengal Group “For the People, for the Country” is a testimony to principal commitment.

I am also very much great full to my all employee, those whose are working together sincerely, honestly, attentively, punctuality & timely for Our Group as a South Bengal Family. May Allah help & support all executives forever.